The Jefferson Parish Department of Community Development has allocated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, in partnership with the Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement and the New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry (NOEL), to make a positive impact on the community.

Paid and/or donated labor and materials will be provided to make minor repairs of soffit, fascia, exterior painting and minor roof repairs to eligible owner-occupied properties. It may also include some other minor repairs to accessory structures. Once a code citation has been issued, the Department of
Inspection and Code Enforcement will refer the homeowner to the Department of Community
Development if the following minimum criteria are met:

  • Minimum of 62 Years of age, or
  • Physically and/or mentally disabled(supporting documentation will be required), and
  • Citation based on MINOR repairs needed

Once a referral is received, Community Development will contact the homeowner for program eligibility determination which is based on the following:

  • Referral from Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement,
  • Lack of financial, physical, or other resources to correct cited violations,
  • Verifiable disability, and
  • Meeting the Household income limit requirement (proof of income such as check stubs, bank statements, and Social Security Statements will be required)
    • 1 person household max: $33,600
    • 2 person household max: $38,400
    • 3 person household max: $43,200
    • 4 person household max: $48,000
    • 5 person household max: $51,850

For more information about how you can participate, contact Philip Thomas @ 504-837-2700 or