Re-Entry Program

Staffing Solutions for the Residential Construction Industry

NOEL has committed to aiding in the placement of Re-Entry program participants in construction-related professions.
However, the candidates page will list participants focusing on all professions offered through the program. 

Currently the judicial districts in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes are among the most active in this statewide program. The program varies slightly in each district, but the training program information below is the same. See the list of available employees at the links to the below.

Orleans Parish Candidates
This page is password protected to provide privacy to our participants. Please contact Philip Thomas to request the password.

Jefferson Parish Re-Entry Program

Training Programs

Automotive (ASE)

Carpentry (HBI/NCCER)

Collision Repair (ASE/I-CAR)

Concrete Finishing (NCCER)

Culinary (ServSafe)

Drywall/Painting (HBI/NCCER)

Electrical (HBI/NCCER)

 - HVAC Excellence
 - EPA Section 608
 - Johnson Controls

Landscape & Horticulture
 - Horticulture, Nursery, and Pesticide

Industrial Generator Repair (EGSA, EETC, NCCER Core)

Masonry (HBI/NCCER)

Outdoor Power Equipment (EETC)
 - Two-Stroke Engines
 - Four-Stroke Engines
 - Electrical
 - Reel Technology Generators
 - Drive Lines/Hydraulics
 - Compact Diesel

Plumbing (HBI/NCCER)

Welding (NCCER)


ASE : Automotive Service Excellence
NCCER : National Center for Construction Education & Research
EGSA : Electrical Generating Systems Association
EETC : Equipment & Engine Training Council
HBI: Home Builders Institute
I-CAR: Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair

About the Program

Re-entry Court may be considered for non-violent, non-sex offenders who receive a sentence of 10 years or less. Additionally, the defendant cannot be sentenced as a multiple offender.

Once an offender reaches Angola after sentencing, the moral rehabilitation and vocational training takes a minimum of 2 years. If the offender successfully completes the Rehabilitation and Workforce Development Program at Angola, he may petition the Court to reenter society. Upon reentry, the returning citizen is placed on probation under intensive supervision for up to 5 years.

Currently there are approximately 200 beds available for participants in the Re-entry Court Program. There may be room for expansion but the Rehabilitation and Workforce Development Program at Angola has no separate budget.

What Employers Need to Know

The men going through the Re-Entry program are accustomed to a very regimented schedule. While you should not treat these employees any differently than non-participant employees, do know that some have come to expect very detailed instructions and may not be likely to go beyond tasks that have been specifically assigned to them. 

As you would do with any new hire, it is best practice not to disclose the participants’ background to any fellow employees. These men have worked to reform their lives, and any negative attention could affect their ability to do so. 

Participants may be required to attend weekly or monthly meetings with their case managers. While this means they will miss some work time, it also means that they’re being held
accountable. These meetings will include drug screening and counseling. These built-in support systems will ensure that the participants are less likely to recidivate, and in some cases, will have more social supports than an employee not participating in the Re-Entry program. 

Case Management also includes asssistance with legal issues with driver’s licenses and child support, mental health counseling, and referrals to supportive services as needed.

All employers will receive a Certification of Employability for these hires so that they cannot be sued for Negligent Cause of Action by a consumer. 


Benefits of Hiring

Certifications : Participants have spent years learning a trade

Tax Credits : Earn tax credits for hiring qualified applicants

Bonding : Eliminate risk associated with hiring some at-risk employees

Oversight: Probation Officers and Case Managers are your HR department

Motivation : Gainful employment is their ticket to freedom and a changed life

Support : A network of services are available to program participants to overcome hurdles

  • Legal: Help with child support, garnishments, and driver’s license issues
  • Financial/Budgeting: Help to properly plan for the future
  • Housing Assistance
  • Mentors: Support is available from those who have already gone through the same experiences